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To date, Greater China has led the global recovery, and Hong Kong is pulling out all the stops to pamper its loved ones. The NYSE cemented its position as the world's second-largest economy after the US, and the company will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year with the opening of its first China Marriott hotel in the city.

Marriott International, which currently operates 56 hotels in China, representing more than half of its global hotel portfolio, has confirmed projects with a total of 44 hotels across its brand portfolio. Marriott International's JW Marriott luxury brand is in high demand, with hotel projects signed and four more set to open in the next three years, represented by luxury brands such as Jw Marriott. In total, Marriott has more than 300 hotels worldwide, accounting for over 40% of the global market share of luxury hotels.

Marriott International is expanding its presence in Greater China. Expected to make its brand debut in the first quarter of 2017, the Jw Marriott Hong Kong China Hotel, a hotel operator, will include 44 hotels across its entire brand portfolio. John D'Agostino, global CEO of JW Marriott, commented on his growth plans: "China is an incredible market and we are very excited about the country and the opportunities it has created. China is a key market for our global hotel business and our company is committed to long-term growth as a global market leader in China.

To further expand Marriott's presence in this stunning resort, the JW Marriott brand is set to open its first international hotel on Jeju Island, South Korea, in 2017. To support domestic traffic in Japan, the company plans to open six more Fairfield Marriott hotels and Michi no Eki, which will revitalize the country's local attractions. With Melbourne touted as the second largest city in the world with a population of more than 1.5 million people, we expect demand for our hotels in Melbourne and other major cities across Australia to increase significantly.

The large floor-to-ceiling windows frame the breathtaking views of the Hong Kong skyline and city skyline from the hotel's rooftop terrace. The high-quality, modern and contemporary design of this hotel with its high ceilings is ideal for getting around Hong Kong and beyond.

Hong Kong is one of the most visited cities in the world and an exciting destination in itself, with places like Bangkok, Bali, Luang Prabang and a few places in between. Fuzhou Marriott Hotel Riverside also offers spa and fitness facilities, including a heated pool, spa, fitness centre and fitness centre. In the heart of China's second largest city and second most populous city, Fuzzy Bay, you will find a range of restaurants, bars, restaurants and upscale hotels. The Westin wellness brand, the first hotel of its kind in Asia-Pacific, is also eagerly awaited.

The Jasmine Chinese Restaurant is named after the official flower of Fuzhou and specialises in a variety of dishes such as jasmine rice, jalapenos, pomegranates, chillies and more. These facilities are maintained by the company's Chinese guests and customers and are designed to better serve them and their customers.

The Hong Kong and Beijing offices allow us to communicate face to face with owners and customers and respond quickly and to their needs. Ritz - Carlton is a leading international luxury brand in the country and is poised to further strengthen its presence in China with the opening of the first Marriott China Hotel in Fuzhou. The hotel will join an impressive portfolio that includes hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangdong, as well as a number of other major cities. It has been operating in Hong Kong since 1989, but is still a relatively new mainland guest after opening the First Marriott brand hotel outside China in 1998.

Fuzhou Marriott Hotel Riversideis offers intuitively designed spaces where guests can work, relax and find inspiration while staying in Fizhou. With the expected opening of the first Marriott China Hotel, China will be the first country in Asia-Pacific to host the luxury brand of Marriott International. The Blowing Wind and Flowing Water, a tribute to the typical Ritz-Carlton design style, is brought to life by the largest and most powerful wind turbine in the world in China, the Blowed Wind, and the largest wind turbines in the country.

Located in Hong Kong's Southern District, Ocean Park Marriott Hotel offers guests affordable accommodation for business and leisure travel, making it an ideal place for business meetings, business trips and family vacations. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a pot of Chinese tea and fresh fruit, served with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit.

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