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When it comes to Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, the city has a wide range of options, from the most popular to the best. In this sum of delights, we rounded up some of our favorite restaurants in Hong Kong that represent the variety of delights the country has to offer.

Chinese rolls are fried and topped with cream and peanut butter, and the food here is eye-catching - a mix of traditional Chinese dishes that takes on a local twist. Chinese desserts and is considered a healthy dessert, which is particularly enjoyed by women, the elderly and children in Hong Kong and Macau.

Hong Kong - Pudding, also known as steamed milk pudding, is one of the most popular milk-based desserts in Hong Kong. Milk tea is standard and consists of evaporated milk and sugar, as well as a mixture of milk, sugar and spices. With local ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, it is no surprise that the restaurant is still as popular as it was when it opened almost a decade ago.

The three Michelin-starred restaurant may have impressed with its harbour views at first, but what keeps bringing guests back to more is its excellent service and food. Steamed or deep-fried buns with broth or minced meat are also popular in Shanghai, and Wu Kong prepares them very well. One example is the simple, savoury and iconic steamed bun filled with Wagyu beef; it is a classic dish and has always made our guest return. Dim Sum is their asset and chef and co-owner of the restaurant, who is himself a dim sum lover, continues traditional recipes with a unique modern twist while retaining the essence of Chinese cuisine. Her braised whole abalone with crispy taro netting is another creative twist on the classic, with a luxurious update made from high-quality ingredients.

The restaurant, which is considered a Michelin restaurant due to its status as a three-star restaurant in Hong Kong, is one of the best places to sample the food.

Guests can enjoy a variety of classic Chinese dishes, interpreted using new methods and high-quality ingredients, including dishes such as pork, pork belly, chicken, beef, shrimp and pork ribs. Seafood and chicken dishes such as Peking duck are popular menu options, as well as joint portions of chicken and fish dishes.

Rickshaw noodles have become popular in Hong Kong since street corner sales became a thing of the past and modern shops gained the upper hand. Try the location - exclusive grilled Iberico pork or try the Hong Kong-style egg pies with butter, flour and sweetened egg fillings. The egg cake was introduced to China by the first Portuguese colonial rulers of Macau and has a long history in the food scene of the city and other parts of Asia.

Building on the popularity of the original Wan Chai, Thai restaurant Samsen has opened a big, bold new location in the heart of Hong Kong's Chinatown.

The menu is health conscious and tasteless, and offers traditional Chinese dishes prepared with low-calorie and low-oil ingredients, resulting in traditional Chinese cuisine. The menu has been updated with fresh eggs and noodles flown in directly from Thailand.

You can eat Xiao Long Bao Dim Sum or enjoy fiery ones - seasoned with Sichuan and Shandong with dried chillies, dried ginger and hot red peppers. Man Wah is proud of its Wah Peke Wahs, which serve typical buzz delights for lunch, as well as the coveted and highly sought after sashimi dishes. The variety on offer at the Old Bailey is all-round, with Hutong's signature red lantern with crispy, soft shell crab. Weekend lunch is also popular, with pan-fried pork dumplings, pork belly and pork ribs. We love the variety of the teakha menu, which offers a wide range of dishes such as pork and chicken, chicken and fish, but can also be eaten as a dim sum sum 'xiao long bao' - it will surely whet your appetite.

The House of Tang offers excellent food with a great style and service that suits every Chinese. The restaurant offers an extensive Cantonese menu, which is studded with dishes such as pork and chicken, pork belly and pork ribs, as well as the famous Wah Peke Wahs and a wide selection of other dishes.

They also have many options for vegetarians, making it a good choice for those interested in a healthy diet. Cantonese cuisine and taste some of the best it has to offer, as well as a wide selection of other dishes. Chinese cuisine, we recommend it to achieve a fusion of cantonee and Shanghai cuisine with more than a little verve. Lunch is served, and the way of eating during lunch time is unique to Ye Shanghai.

Hong Kong's classic dim sum is littered with a variety of noodles and a wide range of other dishes.

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