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Bankers in Hong Kong who jet to China to chat with clients face a potentially dangerous time after banks imposed travel restrictions on both China and China in response to the Wuhan coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Hong Kong announced it would ban individual travellers from mainland China, dramatically extending a ban that had previously applied to Hubei province, which includes Wuhan city. From 25 March, those who have been in the country or territory of China for the last 14 days will be prohibited from entering the SAR Macau. Irish citizens residing in Hong Kong who come to mainland China from Macau or Taiwan will be subject to a one-year ban on travel to the mainland and a three-month ban on the region. All arrivals must also undergo medical observation at a designated location before traveling, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

Hong Kong has asked residents not to travel to Hubei Province and said that if it was inevitable for them to travel to Hubesi and from there, they should put on a surgical mask and do so until they return to Hong Kong. Mainland China has more than 40 cities, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Guangdong, as well as the SAR Macau. A cheap and fast way to get between Beijing and Hongong is to fly from Beijing to Shenzen and then take the bus to HK. Flights to Beijing from Shenzhou are considered domestic flights, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization, and are therefore significantly cheaper than direct flights to and from HK.

British travellers visit mainland China every year, with more than 600,000 of them travelling to Hong Kong, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Hong Kong allows citizens from over 170 countries and territories to travel without a visa, and holders of foreign passports living in Hong Kong or travelling to Hong Kong should apply. Also, remember that if you visit Hongong from China and have multiple-entry visas, you cannot return to China. In other words, you can simply show your passport, passport number and photo ID from your home country. And you are allowed to enter as an arriving passenger who has not been to China (or Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan) in the last 14 days.

Chinese authorities consider you a "Chinese citizen" if you have not made a declaration of changing nationality to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Likewise, you cannot use your Home Return Permit to enter Hong Kong or Macau, and SAR passports are issued only to residents of the SAR (officially spoken, the People's Republic of China). Residents must use their official passport number and photo ID from their home country, not their SAR passport.

Hong Kong tourists wishing to visit mainland China must apply for a visa as they do not receive a visa - free entry or visa - upon arrival. Chinese travel documents issued to residents of Hong Kong and Macau, but not to mainland Chinese. Travellers departing from Hong Kong must apply for a flight pass before entering Singapore and then arrive at Singapore Airport.

These permits allow holders to travel freely to mainland China and are issued on a one-to-one basis, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau. The older permits are also machine-readable, making it easier to issue visas and travel documents to mainland China and other countries.

Those who have lived on the mainland for more than six months can apply for a new Home Return Permit to return to Hong Kong and Macau (CTS). However, they must apply for a new return permit to return to mainland China. If you purchased a ticket for mainland China on or after 25 January 2020 and it is a journey before the end of February 2020, Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific will offer a full refund of the ticket to or from mainland China.

Hong Kong Dim Sum is the best in the world, so it's a must during your trip to Hong Kong. Although it may be an expensive place to stay compared to mainland China, it is a must to use during your stay.

US citizens do not require a visa to visit Hong Kong, but they may need one if you plan to visit mainland China while in Hong Kong.

Travellers wishing to visit mainland China during their stay in the region will need a visa to travel from Hong Kong to China. In mainland China, these restrictions apply only to the mainland, and citizens do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong. The Australian government does not include the travel ban, nor does the US government, but citizens of other countries.

The status of Hong Kong law is less clear, as the relevant authorities have not yet decided whether Hong Kong permanent residents will comply with Chinese citizenship law. This stems from the favourable geographical position in which it operates and the fact that it is a global gateway to China. In addition to its convenient location to transport passengers to and from mainland China and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, it can also be considered a third country in the region.

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