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When you go trick-or-treating, it seems like everything is actually a treat. Pillowcases, plastic pumpkins and cauldrons are filled to the brim with packaged sweets and delights every single year. But with Halloween just around the corner, we wondered: What are the most popular Halloween candies in America? What are the candies that are a sure bet to show up in your (or your kids) possession?

In order to determine the most popular candies for this year, we got in touch with our friends at They combed their internal sales data to see how many pounds of favorite Halloween candies are bought nationwide.

And while the favorite Halloween candies of every decade have changed a bit, the most popular Halloween candies today are primarily tried and true classics. Yes, even 80-plus years after their debut, M&M's are still wildly popular.So whether your costume is a Disney princess, a wizard or a kid from "Stranger Things," you can expect to find these 25 popular candies in your sack this Halloween.


#25 Licorice

Licorice lovers, rejoice! You're represented in the top 25 Halloween candies, even if it's just by the skin of your teeth. Whether you prefer Twizzlers or Red Vines, this fun to peel and even more fun to eat candy is sure to pop up in your trick-or-treat bag this fall. Over 17,000 pounds of licorice will be handed out to little goblins and ghouls this Halloween.


#24 Whoppers

If it seems like those delightful little tubes of chocolate-covered malted milk balls are always in your trick-or-treat bag, then you'd be right. Whoppers sneak in as the 24th most popular Halloween candy, with 18,736 pounds sold. Considering that there are 192 Whoppers in a pound, that means 3.6 million of these tiny, crispy, chocolate delights are eaten every Halloween season.


#23 Life Savers

Parents who check candy for razorblades and needles won't be the only lifesavers this Halloween - Life Savers candy will be there too! An estimated 20,806 pounds of Life Savers will be sold this October. And seriously, check those pillowcases full of candy.

#22 Twix

Twix, which traditionally comes in a two-stick pack, was introduced by Mars in Britain in 1967 and came to the U.S. only in 1979. And since then, this caramel cookie and chocolate concoction has become a major favorite of the young and young at heart. Around 63,284 pounds of fun-sized (and normal-sized) Twix will be sold this Halloween. That's a lot of caramel!


#21 Lemonheads

You may not think of these tart yet sweet little candies all that often, but they will show up in your plastic pumpkin. Over 108,000 pounds of Lemonheads will be bought this Halloween.


#20 3 Musketeers

Did you know that from 1932 to 1945, each package of 3 Musketeers contained three different-flavored pieces: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla? It's true. Also true: 115,314 pounds of 3 Musketeers are sold for Halloween, proving that people love these whipped chocolate delights.


#19 Dubble Bubble Gum

We have a fact that will blow your mind and pop your bubble! Dubble Bubble Gum, those little barrels of super-chewable bubblegum, is hugely popular. How popular, you ask? 138,255 pounds of this sugary treat are sold. Now chew on that fact!

Flickr/Thomas Hawk/CC BY-NC 2.0

#18 Kit Kat

Break me off a piece of this tidbit! 169,089 pounds of Kit Kats are sold every Halloween, making them the 18th most popular candy. This year, Kit Kats are even more festive for fall; they glow in the dark!


#17 Swedish Fish

What flavor are Swedish Fish, exactly? We're not actually sure (it's rumored to be lingonberry), but regardless of what that sweet, fruity taste is, trick-or-treaters love Swedish Fish. Over 175,000 pounds of these little swimmers will dive into Halloween buckets and bags.

itemmaster/Swedish Fish

#16 Milky Way

You don't have to go to outer space to get a Milky Way this Halloween, just go around the block. Someone will give this 16th most popular Halloween candy to you. 195,881 pounds of Milky Ways will make their way to trick-or-treaters this October.


#15 Blow Pops

Charms Blow Pops are the ultimate two-in-one candy. They have a lollipop and a bubblegum center! What could be better than that? Not much, because this iconic treat is super popular; over 230,000 pounds of this treat are sold for Halloween.

Flickr/Toshimasa Ishibashi/CC BY 2.0

#14 Butterfinger

Fresh roasted peanuts are chopped and made into peanut butter, which is blended with sugar candy, and covered in chocolate to create Butterfingers. And people love this crispy peanut buttery treat; 441,570 pounds of them are sold for Halloween.


#13 Almond Joy

Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don't. But hundreds of thousands of trick-or-treaters will get nutty this Halloween; 497,915 pounds of Almond Joys will be sold. So, you know, let's hope they like almonds!

itemmaster/Almond Joy

#12 Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids may be little troublemakers, but there's no trick in this treat. These tart little gummies are hugely popular on Halloween. They're the first candy to crack half a million pounds in sales (558,244).

itemmaster/Sour Patch Kids

#11 Taffy

Salt water taffy? At No. 11? Yes, this classic boardwalk food is a Halloween standard, thanks in no small part to Laffy Taffy. The Willy Wonka-branded taffy debuted in the 1970s and is now a must-have for trick-or-treaters; over 890,000 pounds of taffy is sold for Halloween.

#10 Jolly Ranchers

The first candy to crack 1 million pounds? Jolly Ranchers. 1,027,740 pounds of these tiny hard candies are purchased for the Halloween season. Considering how tiny a single Jolly Rancher is (about 6 grams), that's a whole lot of candy.


#9 Tootsie Pops

The genius concept of putting iconic Tootsie Rolls into lollipops emerged in 1931, and since then, this fruity and chocolatey combination has become a complete and total sensation. How sensational? Well, just ask the folks who buy 1,043,743 pounds of these for Halloween.

Flickr/Jeremy Brooks/CC BY-NC 2.0

#8 Hershey's Mini Bars

Often imitated but never duplicated, Hershey's is the iconic chocolate bar in America. How much do people love this sweet milk chocolate? A lot. 1,088,273 pounds of Hershey's minis alone are sold for the season.

#7 Hot Tamales

If you're a big fan of spicy candy, then you're in luck! Hot Tamales, those little red hot cinnamon-flavored chewy candies with a soft shell, are hugely popular for Halloween. How popular? 1,433,630 million pounds are sold.

itemmaster/Hot Tamales

#6 Candy Corn

Whether you love candy corn or you hate candy corn, you can't deny this striped confection is synonymous with the fall season and Halloween. This divisive candy sits just outside the top five most popular treats, with over 1.5 million pounds sold.

#5 Starburst

This chewy, fruity candy that leaves your mouth watering used to be called Opal Fruit when it launched in Britain in 1960. But now we know them as Starburst and we love them. 1,705,007 pounds of Starburst are bought for Halloween; let's hope there are plenty of pink ones in there!


#4 Reese's Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, in mini form and in pumpkin and bat shapes, may be the most beloved Halloween candy, but they're only the fourth most popular. 1,969,984 pounds are sold in anticipation of the spookiest night of the year.

#3 Snickers

Snickers combines nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate to create a chewy, tasty candy bar that everyone loves. Both buyers and trick-or-treaters will be fulfilled this Halloween season, with 2.2 million pounds sold.


#2 M&M's

Is there any Halloween candy more classic than M&M's? We're not so sure there are. Whether they're peanut, caramel, crispy or plain, these little chocolate buttons are everywhere for the Halloween season; 2,472,032 million pounds are bought for the holiday.

#1 Skittles

Skittles is one of the most-liked brands on Facebook, with over 23 million people liking these fruity candies, and it's the most-liked and most purchased Halloween candy, according to Just how popular are these fun and fruity candies? They're the only treat to surpass 3 million pounds sold, with a whopping 3,487,101 pounds sold. And if you didn't know just how adored Skittles are, then you probably don't know these other facts about the most popular Halloween candies.More From The Daily Meal:13 Ways to Make Classic Halloween Candies Yourself

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